Monday, March 25, 2013

New Release: Bad Moon Rising

Sexy werewolves are here.

Bad Moon Rising is now available for purchase at Phaze Books. It'll go live in the next few days at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and B&N Nook.

You can read the first chapter here.

To celebrate this paranormal release, I'm offering my first PNR short, Somebody to Love: A Ghost Story, for half off--just $1.49. Right now the new price is live on Kindle and Smashwords, and the price will update at other resellers during the next couple of weeks. Not sure how long the sale will last, so grab it while you can.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bad Moon Rising - Excerpt

Next Tuesdays sees the release of my new IR shifter novella, Bad Moon Rising, from Phaze!

To celebrate the new release, my first paranormal romance Somebody to Love: A Ghost Story will be going on sale for half price at all retailers--just $1.49! The sale will go for a couple of weeks and if you haven't picked up a copy yet, I hope you get a chance.

Read on for an excerpt from Bad Moon Rising!


Chapter One

The party at Bad Moon Rising was in full swing. Classic rock blasted over the speakers but was barely audible over the din of voices and laughter from the bar’s patrons.

Abriella Simone worked the bar, keeping busy by mixing drinks. Her hooded red cloak hung off her shoulders, the sash at her neck pulling slightly as she bustled about.

Her coworker, Pam, stopped at the end of the bar and set her tray on the counter. “A pitcher of Red and three Porn Stars!”

Like I don’t have enough here. “I’m coming!” Brie said instead of complaining. She ducked a wadded napkin flying through the air and mixed a Whiskey Sour for the next guy in line. Stephen was already ringing someone up at the cash register, at least, so he took care of collecting the money while she started on the order Pam brought.

The waitress was tapping her long, manicured black nails on the counter while Abriella filled a pitcher with beer and then set about mixing up the cocktails. A straw in each of the glasses and they were good to go; she set everything on the tray and nodded.

Pam made a face as she hefted the heavy tray up, rolled her blue eyes, and then plastered on a fake smile to deliver the drinks.

With a brief break of no customers for a moment, Brie grabbed a cloth and gave the bar a good wipe-down, then snatched a dish of peanuts to refill in the staff area. A glance at the clock revealed it was only eleven-thirty—still a couple of hours left. At least she was keeping busy.

In the rear of the bar was the kitchen, and stepping through the door afforded her ears a break as it dulled the music and voices. Her heels clicked on the tile as she made her way for the pantry cupboard.

She nearly collided with a tall, broad figure as he stepped from the backroom, arms stacked high with bags of tortilla chips. His steps skidded to a halt and half the bags went flying.

“I’m sorry!” Brie scrambled to collect some of the fallen bags.

“No problem,” came the low, easy voice of her boss, Lee Wheeler.

As far as bosses went, he was great, but she’d had her share of quick to anger tyrants, and she swiftly gathered the still-sealed packages from the floor as to not abuse his goodwill.

Lee stacked the bags on the counter and took the remaining ones from her arms. “Really, no harm.”

“Still. I’m not usually so klutzy.”

He waved her off. “Busy night. Everyone’s a bit frazzled.”

That was true. She hadn’t had time to sit down since she started. Her feet ached in a pair of sexy Mary Jane heels after being behind the bar for four hours, but the tips slipped her way for her Little Red Riding Hood getup were totally worth the discomfort.

With no one to run into this time, she finished her trek for the peanuts from the pantry and snatched the tin from the top shelf.

“Can you grab the salsa?” Lee asked.

“Sure thing.” She stacked two large jars on top of the peanut tins and went to him at the counter.

Lee had half a dozen chip bowls set up where he emptied the contents of the bags. Dishes for dips hung off the sides; he handed her a spoon and nodded to one. “A few scoops of salsa. Freebies for the crowd.”

And that was why everyone loved Bad Moon Rising—Lee was generous. She set to scooping out salsa per his instructions.

“Say, when was your last break?” he asked.

“Um...during my shift yesterday.”

His dark eyes moved her way and he cocked a brow. “You need a break.”

“I’m fine—”

“Break.” He pushed two chip bowls that were ready her way. “Booth one and booth two—I’ll be bringing the rest and I can work the bar for a bit. You take thirty to rest. Or dance, have fun. I promise the boss won’t mind.”

“I dunno, I heard he’s a bit of a tyrant,” she teased.

His grin was sexy and easy as he gazed down at her. “Nah, he’s a pussycat. I’m sure he won’t notice either if Stephen gets you a drink. On the house.”

She scooped up the two bowls of chips and salsa. “Yes, sir.” Two steps toward the door and she turned back to him. “Oh, the—”

“I’ll worry about the peanuts, darlin’. Go take a break.”

Well, she certainly wasn’t going to argue.

Abriella slipped out of the kitchen, back into the fray.

Patrons were dressed in all manner of costumes—lots of cats and mice among the women, which involved leotards, headbands with ears, and stilettos. Some witches, some ghosts. Among the men were a dozen pirates, some ninjas, and a few full body monster costumes. Masks abounded and there were several people she didn’t recognize at all.

She dropped the chips and salsa off at booth one and two, and then swung around for the bar, squeezing past patrons so she could order a drink.

Stephen had worked the longest of any of them at Bad Moon Rising, next to Lee himself, and grinned as she stepped up to see him. “’Bout time you took a break. What’ll it be?”

“Sex on the Beach,” she returned and laughed as he raised a brow suggestively.

“Coming right up.”

She turned to face the crowd while she waited for the drink, her gaze drifting over everyone. Space was cleared in the center for dancing and people took advantage of it, about twenty or so of them in a tangled mess of bodies and arms and legs.

Stephen nudged her shoulder with her drink, which she accepted with thanks. Her lips wrapped around the straw and she took a long drink, sweet alcohol flooding her taste buds and rolling down her throat. Prickles ran down her spine, her body coming alive with awareness as she sensed someone watching her. She scanned the crowd for someone she recognized.

Her gaze snagged that of a man across the room.

He stood a head over most the people there. A black T-shirt and a black jacket were stretched over broad shoulders and a muscled torso. Dark hair was loose and nearly to his shoulders, looking silky to the touch. A wolf mask hid his face, however, blocking all features but his eyes from view.

He was most definitely looking at her, though.

She’d seen him earlier, across the room standing outside the crowd. He’d been holding a beer then though she didn’t remember him coming up to order it, and it was gone now. She didn’t think he was there with anyone. Though tempted to wave in case she knew him, instead she averted her eyes.

A shiver ran through her despite the heat from the room and the alcohol flushing her face with warm blood. She took another long sip of her drink and debated. She was social, sure, but not that forward of a girl—she didn’t run up to strangers in masks and make small talk. No, she was used to being friendly as part of her job—patrons bought more drinks if they had a nice girl with a sympathetic ear—but outside of work she kept to herself, went on nice normal dates.

Still, something buzzed under her skin, sliding down her spine and spreading warmth through her veins. The point of Bad Moon Rising’s monthly full moon costume party was to be someone else, wasn’t it?

And she was dressed the part. She wore a black corset, red and black short skirt, and then the red satin cloak that came to mid-thigh. Ruby red lipstick, her black hair long and loose, and dramatic eye shadow completed the look. She managed to out-vamp Pam that evening, which was no small feat considering she was dressed like a vampire stripper.

And Little Red Riding Hood can’t very well ignore the big bad wolf, now can she?

Abriella drained the rest of her drink. She had another twenty minutes before she had to head back to the bar. The least she could do was have some fun, maybe dance a little. Perhaps Mr. Wolf would stroll over and say hi.

She left the safety of the bar and strolled for the dance floor, a happy buzz settling in her veins. Dancers were in loose groups, swaying to Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks”, and she shifted toward a few people she recognized. Her neighbor, twenty-something Laverne, was dressed as a pixie, her wings shimmering and a smattering of glitter shone across her skin. Laverne waved and Abriella made her way over. At least she’d have some company while making eyes at Mr. Wolf.

She wove through the crowd, squeezing between couples. The slow, sensual beat of the music thrummed in her bones and she swayed her hips, tipped her head back, enjoying being lost for a moment and away from slinging drinks and playing nice with the drunks.

Heat warmed her back, the undeniable feeling of someone behind her. A smile curved her lips before she opened her eyes, sensing his hand on her hip before she felt it.

Mr. Wolf was at her back, moving with her in a sensual dance. She shuddered, feeling his possessive grip, and turned her head to look up at him. Even with her heels, he stood more than a head over her. Brown eyes looked backed from behind the mask, smoky with desire. Her heart tripped up just staring at him and she was very aware of her exposed cleavage displayed by the corset. A blush worked across her dark skin, rolling from her cheeks down her neck straight to the top of her breasts.

“Why, Mr. Wolf, what big eyes you have,” she said in a breathy voice.

“The better to see you with, Red,” he returned, his grip on her hip tightening.

She inched back, pressed right up against him. Laverne was in her peripheral vision, and though she expected a stare, her neighbor didn’t pay any attention. In fact, Little Red Riding Hood and her Big Bad Wolf could’ve been in the middle of the forest all alone for all anyone else in the bar noticed, and she rather liked it.

Out of character for her, maybe, but Brie had spent much of her life being normal and safe, and this was merely a dance, after all. She snuggled right into him, her hips still swaying. His other hand touched her shoulder, pulling back the cloak to expose her bare skin and trail his fingers along there. She shivered, tingles of pleasure running through her skin. Her head tilted to the side, neck exposed and vulnerable, and if he hadn’t worn the mask she wondered if his lips would descend and press a kiss to her fevered flesh.

But he didn’t remove the mask, instead keeping up his werewolf alter ego. Brie turned to face him, still locked close to him, her hands sliding up his torso to rest on his chest. He drew in a breath, his heart thudding beneath her fingertips, and she loved the idea that beneath the dominant exterior this Mr. Wolf was as thrilled at her touch as she was with his.

She studied the mask and tried to picture the man behind it. Small town, she knew nearly everyone—surely he was someone who came in here often or at least lived in the area. But if she knew him, she couldn’t place him.

Too soon the song ended. She was prepared to continue but he slowed to a stop even as the next tune began.

“Have grandmothers to abduct and eat?” she asked.

His hand folded over hers, sending electric shivers through her body. “Maybe I’ll see you again if you go walking the woods, Red.” He lifted his mask just slightly, enough for her to catch a strong, square jaw and full lips, but that was all. He pressed a warm kiss to her knuckles, then let her hand drop again. With a little nod, he backed up and slipped into the crowd.

Though she tried to peer past the others, she couldn’t see where he went. Her shoulders sank and she let out a sigh. Well, she had fun for a little while. Maybe she’d grab another drink before her break ended.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sexy Werewolves Incoming!

Just in time for the full moon this March is a new paranormal erom from me, Bad Moon Rising.

Abriella Simone doesn't believe in tempting fate, but when she walks home after a costume party dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, she does just that. A werewolf is prowling the streets of her small home town and he's big, bad, and out for blood. She escapes the encounter with her life but not without his infected bite.

He's not the only wolf in the neighborhood, however. Abriella's key into this new world is her childhood friend Maddox Black. At fourteen, he was whisked away from town to live deep in the mountains with his family. Seven years later, Abriella understands why: he's a werewolf, living in secret with a pack nearly driven to extinction. Whether it's the hungry beast rising within her or a child's crush that's blossomed into a woman's desire, Abriella can't resist Maddox's draw.

When a pack elder reveals a cure for her condition exists, her relief is shortlived. For one, the cure requires the saliva of the mysterious wolf that bit her. Worse still, taking the cure will force her to give up Maddox forever.